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We proudly endorse Ever Flores for Santa Rosa City Schools in Area 1.





CTA/NEA-Retired North Bay Chapter




  MEChA de Santa Rosa Junior College    











































Elected and Appointed Officials

  • California State Assembly Member Michael Allen (ret.)

  • Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins

  • Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin

  • Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane

  • Mendocino County Supervisor John Haschak

  • Santa Rosa City Schools Board Trustee Omar Medina

  • Santa Rosa City School Board Trustee Ron Kristof (ret.)

  • Santa Rosa Junior College Board Trustee Mariana Martinez

  • Santa Rosa Junior College Student Trustee Daniel Pablo

  • Santa Rosa City Vice Mayor Victoria Fleming

  • Santa Rosa City Vice Mayor (ret.) and SRJC Trustee Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D (ret.)

  • Santa Rosa City Personnel Board Lisa Maldonado

  • Santa Rosa City Community Advisory Board Miles Burgin

  • Sonoma City Mayor Logan Harvey

  • Healdsburg City Councilmember Joseph Naujokas

  • Windsor City Vice Mayor Esther Lemus

  • Windsor Unified School District Board President George R. Valenzuela

  • Novato City Councilmember Eric Lucan

  • Oxnard Union High School District Board President Karen Sher


Community and Educational Leaders

  • Lily Smedshammer --  President, West Sonoma County Teachers Association (WSCTA)

  • William Lyon -- President, Santa Rosa Teachers Association

  • Sandra Lowe -- Executive Director, Working Hero Action

  • Maddy Hirshfield -- Political Director, North Bay Labor Council, AFL-CIO

  • Elaine Pearson -- Associate Director, Migrant Education Region 2

  • Mariah Morris Monroe -- President, Harmony  Union Teachers Association

  • Gina Graziano -- President, Forestville Teachers Association

  • Pete Stefanisko -- President, Windsor District Educators' Association 

  • Liana M Zavala -- President, Piner-Olivet Educators' Association

  • Dianna MacDonald -- Past President, California State PTA, 2017-2019

  • Martin Bennet -- Instructor Emeritus of History, Santa Rosa Junior College


Titles for identification purposes only 



Community Members

I support Ever Flores for the Santa Rosa City Schools Board of Education because Ever understands our community and our schools. He has worked extensively to help out our Latino community, to fight for equality, and to make sure our schools support teachers. — Margaret R Buhn

A true leader for our families and community. — Pedro De Luna

Ever has shown bright, dedicated, thorough thinking in support of all who affect a child's process of education. We need him to serve on our Santa Rosa City School Board. Please support his candidacy. Thank You! Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D. - Retired Educator and Counselor SRCS Jack Dupre - Retired Electrical Engr. from Hewlett- Packard/Agilent/Keysight — Marsha & Jack Dupre

I am a school counselor in Santa Rosa City Schools. It's more important than ever that we have a school board member that understands the social emotional needs of our students and their families. Ever Flores has been a school counselor for 20 years. Working with students is the relevant experience necessary for a board member to have when they are faced with decisions that impact our schools. I encourage everyone to make an educated vote for an educator on the School Board. Vote for Ever Flores. — Kristine Erken

Having known Ever for over a decade, I am proud to endorse Ever Flores for Santa Rosa City School Board. Ever is one of the most dedicated education professionals I have met; for over twenty years he has selflessly dedicated his career to serving students and advocating for education. He has consistently championed for equity, especially for our Latinx students. Additionally, he has mentored dozens of new school counselors (myself included) so they too can serve ALL students in our community. His leadership, expertise, compassion, and commitment to equality make him the right choice for Santa Rosa City School Board. Vote for Ever! — Shana Friedman

I'm happy to endorse Ever Flores as the School Board Trustee Area 1 candidate. He understands the needs of Santa Rosa City Schools, has experience as a leader and educator in Healdsburg, and supports teachers and students. — Susan Fries

Ever's life experiences will allow him to strongly advocate for teacher's needs in the classroom so that we may provide the appropriate support to our Latinx students so that they can successfully complete the A-G requirements. — Gabriela Gallardo-Mora

As a former trustee in another Sonoma County school district, I can tell you that Ever Flores is very qualified to serve us in Santa Rosa. I wholeheartedly endorse him to represent my district. — James Hamilton

Ever has been a passionate educator and counselor for all of his career. He is a strong advocate for students and teachers as well as a concerned member of student awareness and mental health. — Brian & Mark Holloman-Kincaid

Ever Flores is dedicated to the community we live in and our public schools. He understands that we must take care of teachers so that they can best do the work they do with students. Ever truly understands that the school board works for the community. — Tawni Johnson

I would like to endorse Ever Flores as a candidate for the Santa Rosa City School Board. As a counselor and President of the Healdsburg Area Teacher's Association, he has shown an ability to lead with passion and honesty. He has the type of experience that any school board needs. Please vote for Ever! — Dana Jones

I think it's time to elect someone who has the right perspective. We need someone who supports students and teachers who are the core of education. — Beth Lewis

Ever Flores will put the interests of students, families, and teachers first. He is a fierce advocate who brings cultural and linguistic competence, compassion, and generous spirit to his work. Vote for Ever Flores for school board now. — Christy Lubin

Ever Flores's years of experience as an educational leader and his compassion/dedication to all students makes him the best candidate! He was my daughters’ counselor in high school and played an important part of their success in reaching college and career goals. I have also worked with Ever as our SRJC summer program lead in our Adelante Program for migrant students and he has provided exemplary leadership for over 15 years, as well as being an excellent role model. He has excellent communication skills - and in this role ...listening is critical. He has my support! Ever Flores is a honest, intelligent, caring, hard-working, dedicated bilingual, charismatic educator! — Elaine Pearson

It is a pleasure to endorse Ever Flores as a Trustee for the Santa Rosa School Board. We know Ever as a man of high integrity, intelligence, conviction, and caring. Ever has helped countless students follow and realize their dreams. He is committed to providing excellent educational opportunities and services to every student. He authentically cares about each student’s success and well-being. He is a respected professional and administrator. You can trust Ever Flores to do his utmost for the Santa Rosa community. We endorse him whole-heartedly. Lonna and Kevin Powers — Lonna and Kevin Powers

Ever is an experienced and hard working educator who will be a strong voice for all students including those from our immigrant communities. You can trust him to listen and to take action to improve SRCS. Ever's perspective and passion is what is needed in these very challenging times. I am proud to endorse Ever for School Board Trustee. — Helene Rouvier

I have worked with Ever professionally for over 20 years and he has my whole hearted support. As a school counselor he worked for our students and staff at a high level of expertise. Over the years Ever has used his experience for growth and ever-widening goals. This is a man I would want to be my advocate and representative. — Judith Sanderson

S.R. schools need the fresh thinking of Ever Flores. This is a time for new energy and ideas in education. — Helen Sizemore

Ever has been a strong voice for students and I believe he will be an excellent board member for Santa Rosa City Schools! — Pete Stefanisko

Ever is a long time educator and Santa Rosa resident. It is time for change on the SRCS Board of Education! He is the right fit to help make the necessary changes to focus on student achievement and close the achievement gap for all students. — George Valenzuela
Kris Ackerman
Helen Allen
Maas Anderson
Christine Ando
Laura Aramendia
Tania Arellano
Troy Ballinger
Kristen Barnes
Bev Barron
Amy Bartholow
Dawn Baskin
Phillip & Elizabeth Bebber
Sheila Bell
Chris Bertozzi
Kris Bertsch-Rydell
Petra Boardman
Karina Bonilla
Rosalinda Brady
Margie BradyLong
Matt BringedahL
Kamala Brown
Shawn Brumbaugh
Margaret R Buhn
Miles Burgin
Danielle Cain
Linda & Chris Cameron
Cari Cardle
Micah Carlin-Goldberg
Jacqueline Carlson
Dara Carrell
Denise Castaneda
Maureen Cecil
Maureen Chesanek
Leilani Clark
Susan Cleek
Alma Conde
Claire Connors
John Cortopassi
Carlene Crocker
Edward Crowell
Dafne Cruz
Mayryn Cruz
Garrett Cuneo
Paul da Silva
Emilie Davis
Matthew Davis
Carolina Díaz
Maddie Doyle
Jerry Eaton
Jackie Elward
Juan Escobar Salsedo
Lesley Ester
Eric Estes
Anahi Eufracio
Todd Everett
Rebel Fagin
Erica Ferguson
Elisabeth Fiekowsky
Linda Franzman
Shana Friedman
Lauren Frost
Cathy Gascon
Barbara Gay
Isolde Geis
Ronit Glickman
David Goldberg
Susan Gonyo
Gina Graziano
Maha Gregoretti
Angela Guerrero
Benjamin Gunter
Erick Guzman
James Hamilton
James Hart
John Haschak
Danita Haynes
Judith Heredia
Maddy Hirshfield
Jill Jackson
Jeremy Jimenez
Tami Jimenez
John Kamra
Tarik Kanaana
Jonathan Kendall
Ola King-Claye
Bruce Levin
Matthew Long
Ronald Lopez
Sandra Lowe
Christy Lubin
Tara Lyon
William Lyon
Dianna MacDonald
Suzette Madrigal
Neftaly Magallanes-Garcia
Lisa Maldonado
Mark Malouf
Victoria Martinez
Megan Maydole
Kim McKay
Michelle Meislahn
Gabriela Mendoza-Torres
Mark Mitchell
Mariah Monroe
Johnathon Muchow
Tim Murphy
April Nichols
Austin Norris
Laura O'Connor
Shannon O'Hara
Erik Ohlson
Erik Olson Fernandez
Jimena Olvera
Daniel Pablo
Jocelin Padilla
Vilmos Palkó Jr
Chris Pelletti
Victor Peña
Dylan Peña Pérez
Jessica Perry
Nora Peterson
Lonna and Kevin Powers
Ryan Powers
Jody Pruitt
Isabel Quiñónez
Elisa Quintero
Toni Ramírez
Andrew Ravani
Dorisann Regan
Hollie Retzinger
Andrea Reyna
Janet Reynolds
Sandy Reynolds
Beatriz Robles
Natalie Rogers
Erika Sauder
Ann Schott
Tim Sergent
Kathleen & Dennis Shanklin
Molly Sheehan
Karen Sher
Allyson Shoemaker
Ryan Sonneville
Juan Soto
Elaine Stone
Kristin Sullivan
Pamela Swan
Darla Tillman
Eva Velasquez
Mara Ventura
Rosalva Wagner
Georgina Warmoth
Joe Louis Wildman
Thomas Woods
Monika Zapata
Liana M Zavala
Stephen Zollman

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